Event organised by AEFLIB

Civil Society and Associative/Private Higher Education in Europe

The 13th of April 2013, in Abat Oliba Ceu’s Conference Room, the AEFLIB has organized in Barcelona, a colloquium which subject was: “Civil Society and Associative/Private Higher Education in Europe”.


4 workshops took place with the following themes:

Higher Education and Knowledge Society: Lifelong education

The Formation of the Human Person and its self - development: which conception?

The Financing of Private Education : how much from the State, how much from the private sector?

The principle of subsidiarity


Michel Boyancé, President, Aeflib.

For any further information, please contact colloque (à) aeflib.eu

You will find enclosed various documents relative to the themes of the colloquium.

The acts of the colloquium are in the left of this page.